Saturday, September 6, 2008

Not so organic.

I try my best to eat organic foods when given the option... However, a small town festival filled with carnival foods isn't the best place to stick with that rule.

When I saw a sign reading "Deep Fried Twinkies", I couldn't walk away. I tried, I really did. But I found myself at the counter ordering one of those fried, crispy, powder-sugar coated treats. Luckily, I had the little one with me to share this sinful treat with, so I didn't scarf down the whole thing myself... It was absolutely delicious. I'm glad I fell off the wagon and went for it. After all, I'd been curious about deep fried Twinkies since hearing about a restaurant in New York on the Travel Channel that began making deep fried Twinkies several years ago. There Twinkies were served in a much more gourmet manner with berry sauce on a nice plate. My Twinkie, on the other hand, came in a little cardboard bowl with a plastic fork. But hey, I got the general idea and I really liked it!

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